Point and Click Solutions is committed to supporting our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the first few weeks of the pandemic, we mobilized and helped move approximately 10,000 PNC users to Web Apps and Remote-Use licenses to support community shelter-in-place and lock-down initiatives. We enabled telemedicine, telecounseling, and telepsychiatry capabilities at a large number of our sites. We introduced a form of paperless online telehealth consents and made compliances that needed to be met for telehealth visits to help streamline the telehealth workflow.

Point and Click provides a complete, comprehensive telehealth solution

  • Integrated Zoom interface

  • Online booking and check-in

  • Group/workshop  

  • Referrals

  • Handouts

  • Downloadable forms

  • Medical records

  • Portal delivered consents, questionnaires, and surveys

  • Secure messaging with an attachment upload option

  • Pre-built provider templates and reports

  • EPCS and SureScripts interface

  • Automated medical clearance forms and immunization requirements engine

  • Portal letter delivery, treatment plan approval

  • Text and email appointment reminders

  • ADA / JAWS compliant format for provider platform

Contact Tracing

We are developing a Contact Tracing module that will be integrated with the note. If a patient tests positive for COVID-19 we will queue a Contact Tracing requirement that can then be met by either the provider or support staff. We will also be setting up a contacting tracing service to assist with the need to rapidly ramp up contact tracing staffing if there is an outbreak on campus.

Quarantine Dashboard Module

We are developing a quarantine dashboard module to monitor students who have been placed into quarantine. This module will allow students to enter updates several times a day via the portal and raise the alarm if they have not updated within the prescribed time. It will present the information in dashboard form to allow easy monitoring from one screen.

Mobile Self Check 2

We have developed a new version of mobile self-checking that is 100% hands-free. The student completes all pre-visit information on their own phones. They are marked as “arrived” by holding their phone under a barcode scanner at the front desk, check-in lobby or waiting room, much like an airport checking by phone. The scanners we use do not require physical contact with the phone.

Support for On-Campus Mass Testing

We are adding the ability to book COVID-19 testing via the portal with all necessary screening and contact information questions and supporting very fast hands-free processing of the appointment check-in and specimen accession.


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Email: info@pointnclick.com