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COVID-19 Response

Point and Click Solutions is committed to supporting our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the first few weeks of the pandemic, we mobilized and helped move approximately 10,000 PNC users to Web Apps and Remote-Use licenses to support community shelter-in-place and lock-down initiatives. We enabled telemedicine, telecounseling, and telepsychiatry capabilities at a large number of our sites. We introduced a form of paperless online telehealth consents and made compliances that needed to be met for telehealth visits to help streamline the telehealth workflow.

Point and Click provides a complete, comprehensive telehealth solution

  • Integrated Zoom interface

  • Online booking and check-in

  • Group/workshop  

  • Referrals

  • Handouts

  • Downloadable forms

  • Medical records

  • Portal delivered consents, questionnaires, and surveys

  • Secure messaging with an attachment upload option

  • Pre-built provider templates and reports

  • EPCS and SureScripts interface

  • Automated medical clearance forms and immunization requirements engine

  • Portal letter delivery, treatment plan approval

  • Text and email appointment reminders

  • ADA / JAWS compliant format for provider platform

Over the last few months, we have developed and deployed a comprehensive suite of COVID-19 modules focused on supporting the returning students. 

"Touchless" Self Check In

PNC has a "touchless" self check-in module with all the functionality of the previous check-in kiosks in a 100% hands-free package. The students can book appointments over the patient/client portal, and can complete forms as part of the booking on their phone, tablet or computer. At the time of their appointment, they are “arrived” by holding their appointment QR Code on their phone in front of a barcode scanner at the front desk, check-in lobby, or waiting room, much like an airport checking by phone. The scanners we use do not require physical contact with the phone. Once arrived they can complete any remaining forms on their phone.

Mass COVID-19 Testing System

PNC has developed a unique high volume COVID-19 Mass Testing System that handles web booking of appointments, touchless QR Code appointment check-in/ordering, automatic accessioning from specimen scanning, batch result import, automatic delivery of results over the portal along with text notifications. The system has been in production use since May 2020. PNC has several sites testing over 1,000 students a day and PNC's largest testing site is currently testing over 8,000 participants a day.

Contact Tracing

PNC has a fully integrated Contact Tracer that is linked to the patient's chart, the lab system, the clearance badge system, the symptom screener, and the PNC reporting system. If a patient attests to symptoms in the daily symptom screener or tests positive for COVID-19, they are automatically loaded into the contact tracer. The contact tracer can be pre-loaded with students' residence hall and class information.

contact tracer.png

Quarantine Management Module

PNC has a Quarantine Management Module to monitor students who have been placed into quarantine or isolation. This module is fully integrated with the clearance badge system. A student's status in the quarantine management module is reflected in their clearance badge color and status. A positive COVID-19 test result automatically places a student in the Isolation state in the Quarantine Management Module. The Quarantine Management Module sends expanded surveys to students tracking their symptoms in more detail that the daily symptom screener.

Daily Symptom Screener

The PNC daily symptom screener sends out daily questionnaires. Based on the responses the student or employee clearance badge is updated. The system is also used to send quarantine and isolation surveys which are often more detailed that the daily screening.

Clearance Badges

PNC Clearance badges can show a student or employee quarantine clearance status. The badge is integrated with the quarantine management module and displays on smartphones via the patient/client/employee portal.

These modules were designed to work together, but can also be used independently. The system is largely pre-configured and can be deployed very quickly.

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