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The Point and Click Solutions advanced reporting capabilities are quite unique with features that are not available in other Medical or College Health Systems.


They include:

  • Drag and drop capable graphical report writer

  • Built-in schema and database field documentation

  • Ability to publish reports seamlessly into the Scheduling, Billing and Clinical  applications

  • Ability to create report sets

  • Reports that span demographics, scheduling, billing and clinical data

Three Levels of Reporting


The Basic Reporting package contains built-in reports within the main applications. It is intended for sites that have modest reporting needs and do not need to author new reports.


The Standard module allows sites to create their own reports by copying and modifying from one of the report templates in our extensive library.


Larger sites that have their own IT resources for reporting, can use the Developer version which allows users to browse our schemas and create their own joins. This version was designed for more advanced users that understand some of the fundamentals of Transact SQL. In both cases, results can be viewed, graphed, printed or exported to Excel.

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