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COVID-19 Application Bundle Deployed

PNC has successfully deployed it's COVID-19 Application Bundle for Returning Students at several large Universities. This includes a Zoom Interface for Telehealth Visits, Portal based questionnaires/consent forms and everything necessary for remote medical and counseling visits. The COVID-19 tools also include, "Touchless" Self Check-in, COVID-19 Mass Testing System, Daily Symptom Screener, Contact Tracer, Quarantine Management, and Clearance Badge System. All of these modules are fully integrated. A positive COVID-19 test automatically places a student in the contact tracer and the quarantine manager, sets their clearance badge to isolation status and sends them information regarding isolation requirements. The high levels of automation help ensure campus resources will not be as overwhelmed if a significant outbreak were to occur. These modules were designed to work together, but can also be used independently. The system is largely pre-configured and can be deployed very quickly.

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