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August 2023 Updates - Custom Reminders, Survey Launch, 'About Me', and more

The August 2023 general release (12.11 2023.08) is now available to all customers. This month's software update is packed with new features from popular customer requests and dozens of bug fixes.

Customized Appointment Reminders

Have you ever wanted to send appointment reminders customized by department or visit type? The August 2023 release includes this frequently requested feature.

Launch Surveys Within PncChart

PncChart now supports directly launching a survey to allow providers to complete surveys on behalf of the patient. From an encounter note, select More > Launch Survey. The completed survey will automatically appear in the encounter note. Surveys can also be launched from Patient > Surveys.

"About Me" Questionnaire

About Me is an initial visit questionnaire developed by PNC over the last several years for use in counseling intake visits. It is brief (< 6 minutes to complete), comprehensive, includes six embedded evidence-based survey items, and comes with a pre-developed outcome dashboard and report set. It is our first system conditional questionnaire counseling intake that is useful for providers, clinic administrators/leaders, and outreach/workshop/group coordinators.

And more...

Each new release includes dozens of new features and bug fixes. Here are a few more topics highlighted in PncHelp:

  • Appointment Presence (Telehealth vs In-Person Visits)

  • PncReport Updates

  • Referral Assignment Workflow

  • Whiteboard Un-Roomed At Bottom

  • Time Zone Changes

  • Portal Medical Records - View Radiology Images

  • Limits Removed From Immunization Built-Ins

  • Provider Group Usage

  • Compliance Sorting

  • Portal Billing Statements

  • Purge Single Patient

  • Deactivate Charts By Patient Type

  • Patient Modification History Filters

  • Generate PatientNumber and MRNs for Existing Patients

  • Lab Result 'All Default' and 'All Final' Buttons

  • Prompt To Print Specimen Labels

  • Accessioned Lab Detail

  • Google and Outlook Calendar Sync License Enforcement

  • Export/Import PncConfig Settings

  • Population Editor Supports Survey Score

To Schedule Your Update...

Read the full release notes in PncHelp, and contact PNC to schedule your update to the latest version today.


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