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July 2022 Updates - QR codes, batch surveys

The July 2022 general release (12.11 2022.07) is now available to all customers. This month's software update includes a broad change to the scannable codes used by several modules, a significant performance improvement for records release administrators, and the introduction of a frequently requested feature -- batch survey invitations -- in the custom reporting module.

For the full release notes and for more information about any of the updates listed below, log into PncHelp.

Send Surveys From a Report

In PncReport, you can now select a survey and send an invitation to any list of patients/clients from a library or custom report. This is a great way to send post-visit satisfaction surveys to a targeted list.

Export Records With Ease

From PncChart > All Documents, it has never been easier or faster to print, fax, or save a PDF that includes a large number of documents. We have implemented a new background processor which removes the previous technical limitations when working with large groups of files and keeps you updated on the progress as it processes each document you have selected.

Improved Immunization Upload Built-Ins

When you are using the Medical Clearance module for immunization and other entrance requirements, you now have the ability to:

  • Accept an unlimited number of events in the Influenza built-in (allowing a single, expiring, compliance to be used for an annual requirement).

  • Require a new document to be uploaded with each new event the patient adds.

And more...

Each new release includes dozens of new features and bug fixes. Read the full release notes in PncHelp, and contact PNC to schedule your update to the latest version today.


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