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June 2024 Updates - Scheduling Security Divisions, Provider Status Automation, SDS Update, and more

The June 2024 general release (12.11 2024.06) is now available to all customers.

Scheduling Add-On Security Divisions

You can now enable scheduling across multiple security divisions without requiring the ViewApptDetailInAllDivisions and EditApptInAllDivisions permissions. This change offers more granular control of scheduling for your staff when using more than two security divisions.

For example, a central scheduler can schedule appointments for Medical and Counseling Services without being able to view appointments in Survivor Advocacy.

Previously, users needed full access to Medical and Counseling security divisions to accomplish this, which exposed more of the records than necessary.

Provider Status Automation

Provider status now includes powerful time-saving features like schedule template changes and patient/client communication. You can set provider statuses using the post-it icon at the top of the schedule. Statuses can be updated in PncAdmin > Provider Status. Only the Working Remote and Out of Office statuses will trigger automations; all other statuses are for internal communication purposes only. Read more about this new feature in PncHelp.

CCMH SDS Update for July 1

The Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH) has announced an updated version of its Standardized Data Set (SDS) Client Information Form that is effective on July 1, 2024. This release includes the new form. For customers who receive this update prior to July 1st, the form has conditional logic built in so the changes will not be visible until July 1st.

OpenAdmin Account Setup Editor Retirement

The User, Provider, and Provider Setup editors in the legacy Windows-based OpenAdmin application are retired as of the May 2024 release. Use PncAdmin to make any changes in these areas. All other editors are still active in the Windows application for sites who have access to it.

And more...

Each new release includes dozens of new features and bug fixes. Here are a few more topics highlighted in PncHelp:

  • PncReport Enhancements

  • Shortcut Keys Disabled

  • Changes to Optical Prescription Layout

  • Hide Scanned Documents on Portal All Documents

  • Reminder Enhancements

  • Letter Improvements

To Schedule Your Update...

Read the full release notes in PncHelp, and contact PNC to schedule your update to the latest version today.


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