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Mass Immunization app - PNC COVID-19 Update 2020-09-28

Over the last few days we have been testing our brand new Mass Immunization application for running flu clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mass Immunization Application

So what is the Mass Immunization application? The best way to think of it is a mating of the Mass Tester and the iPad PncConsent and PncImmunization apps in one new application. Instead of walk-in flu clinics, everything will be pre-scheduled just like the Mass Tester to avoid uncontrolled crowding. The new Mass Immunization application uses an appointment QR code (like the Mass Tester), but instead of performing a test you will administer an immunization in a similar manner to PncImmunization. The new app will also handle inventory, lot numbers and the full Immunization consent workflow on the portal, with no need to use paper or a separate iPad app for consents.

Preparing for the Mass Immunization Application

If you are planning to purchase the Mass Immunization application, any setup you do with Touchless Self Check-In, Portal Consents, and PncImmunization should work without modification in the Mass Immunization application. Instead of using 3 separate applications, this will bring all the functionality together in one integrated application.

Please reach out to our business office if you are interested in the new Mass Immunization application by opening a Zendesk ticket at


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