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Pooled Testing with Shield T3 Laboratories

We have an important announcement related to our partnership with Shield T3. Shield T3 now has two new pooled COVID-19 test options: 8-to-1 and 24-to-1. The 24-to-1 option reduces the per-test price to as low as $9 in some situations.

The Mass Tester fully supports these new pooled test options. We are very excited as we feel this is a game changer, dramatically reducing the cost of COVID-19 testing.

This test is automatically reflexed to an individual test if the pool is found to be positive or inconclusive. Test results are still available in 6 to 12 hours.

For existing PNC sites who are not already using Shield T3 for COVID-19 testing, you should be aware that you are pre-interfaced to Shield T3 and there are no setup fees as Shield T3 absorbs the initial training and setup costs. You simply need to purchase a relatively modest minimum number of tests to get started.

I have included additional information on Shield T3 if you have an interest in their testing options. You can also find more information at Some recent news coverage on the company is available on its LinkedIn page.


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