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Shield T3 COVID-19 Testing Powered by PNC

Shield T3 is a leading COVID-19 testing company with a network of labs across the country. They have worked closely with Point and Click Solutions over the last year to provide millions of the fastest and most accurate results for a wide range of private companies, government agencies, K-12 districts, and universities across the country.

The Shield T3 interface is built into PNC allowing for very rapid deployment at existing PNC sites. Sites with basic COVID-19 testing needs can be fully deployed with an interfaced system in as little as 48 hours. Non-PNC sites can still deploy very rapidly using a shared multi-agency PNC system.

Shield T3 is also fully integrated with PNC's COVID clearance and passport/badge system to allow for clearance by vaccination or testing. It supports COVID vaccine exemptions and COVID vaccine verification services.

With a strong research foundation of the scientists at the University of Illinois, the company provides a low-cost saliva-based PCR test at price points and turn around times that are twice as competitive as many of the other options available. They also have antigen testing options that result into the same reporting system as the PCR tests. Moreover, the company can deliver collection and logistics support for a wide variety of operational requirements.

Shield T3 has labs and facilities on the West Coast, Midwest and East Coast. New labs will come online in Texas, Florida and Minnesota in the coming months. They are serving higher education institutions ranging from large universities through private and community colleges.

Shield T3 is most likely different from your current COVID testing solution:

  • FAST - 24 hour turnaround times for PCR tests - during the Omicron surge, they are averaging 6-12 hour turnaround times from receipt at lab

  • HALF THE COST - compared to most PCR tests

  • SALIVA - unobtrusive, quick sample collection and just as accurate as swab-based PCR

  • FLEXIBLE - simplex and pooled, observed, and unobserved EUA PCR testing options

  • TURNKEY - logistics, collection, and delivery support

  • FDA EUA PCR OPTIONS - Simple, pooled, observed, and unobserved options

  • FDA EUA ANTIGEN OPTION - 20 minute turnaround for specific occasions

Here is a link to a brief overview of Shield T3's offerings. If you are interested in finding out more about the Shield T3 COVID-19 testing, please reach out to Sean Knierim ( / 312.646.9372) to learn more.


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