Specialized systems for student health and counseling.

We are dedicated to the mission of delivering the best possible technology, products and services to our customers in college health, counseling, and community clinics.

Point and Click Solutions is the leading Electronic Health Record System / Practice Management System (EHR/PMS) provider for college health and counseling.

250+ university sites

10,000+ system users

20 years of experience

August 9, 2020

PNC has successfully deployed it's COVID-19 Application Bundle for Returning Students at several large Universities. This includes a Zoom Interface for Telehealth Visits, Portal based questionnaires/consent forms and everything necessary for remote medical and counseling visits. The COVID-19 tools also include, "Touchless" Self Check-in, COVID-19 Mass Testing System, Daily Symptom Screener, Contact Tracer, Quarantine Managemen...

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Point and Click Solutions provides a complete suite of products specifically designed for university health. We offer highly intuitive and user-friendly applications for practice managementelectronic health recordspatient web portal and advanced reporting specifically tailored to university health centers. Some of the best schools in the U.S. have selected our EMR solution because of its superior features and reliability. 


Point and Click's counseling system provides Counseling centers with powerful case load management, group appointments and workshop, survey instruments and standardized reporting capabilities. The system is integrated with the Medical Services product suite while protecting counseling charts and appointments behind a firewall. We help our clients run efficient practice while optimizing the quality of patient care. 


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