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COVID-19 Update: Mass Testing Partnerships

PNC now has Mass Testing interfaces to several COVID-19 labs.

We also have reseller/distribution arrangements with AEGIS, Warrior Diagnostics, and most recently the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University (ASU).

PNC has partnered with the ASU Biodesign Institute to provide their advanced COVID-19 Saliva PCR tests to PNC sites at a reduced cost. We have arranged to purchase their excess COVID-19 testing capacity and will be able to offer tests at between $75 to $80 a test. PNC will be the point of contact for these lab services.

We anticipate sites using this as either their primary mass testing lab or as a supplement to their existing COVID-19 testing arrangements. The setup costs for testing with the ASU Biodesign Institute partnership are also very low and the setup can be implemented quickly as they are one of PNC's highest volume COVID-19 labs. The Biodesign Institute has been working with PNC since the beginning of the pandemic and has performed more than 100,000 COVID-19 tests using our streamlined mass test scheduling, results notification, and state public health reporting solution.

If you have an interest, please submit a support ticket through our Zendesk site ( with the subject "ASU Bio COVID-19 Saliva Test" indicating the anticipated weekly volume of tests required. We expect this offer to be popular and for demand to exceed capacity, so act quickly if you are interested.

We are hopeful that our capacity allocation with the ASU Biodesign Institute will grow over time, so if you miss out on the first round, keep trying.


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