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February 2024 Updates - Visit Questionnaires, Whiteboard Improvements, Self-Booked Referrals, and more

The February 2024 general release (12.11 2024.02) is now available to all customers.

User Group Meeting Registration Is Open

Registration is now open for the 2024 PNC User Group Meeting, July 8-9 at the Park MGM Las Vegas.

The user group meeting is the best way to connect with peers at other PNC sites and engage with PNC leadership and product experts. We recommend planning to send at least 2-3 representatives as there are often three breakout sessions happening at the same time.

Visit Questionnaire Workflow Improvements

This month's release includes many enhancements to visit questionnaires, both in PncChart and on the patient/client portal:

  • Visibility outside the encounter note

  • On-demand questionnaires

  • New properties to support expiration, attachment upload, and review workflow

  • Anonymous questionnaires

Read more about these highly requested features in PncHelp.

Nursing Order Improvements To Whiteboard

The Whiteboard now shows additional details for nursing orders, including the order comment, ordering provider, order date/time, and most recent status change. Staff can also now edit the status from the Whiteboard from Ordered to Acknowledged and In Progress. These improvements are designed to reduce the frequency of switching between the Whiteboard, Encounter Pad, and Nursing Order queue.

Self Bookable Referrals

PNC now supports Self Bookable Referrals generated by the questionnaire review process. This type of Inside Referral acts as a golden ticket, presenting a link to the patient/client on the appointment home page in the portal to book an appointment without accessing any branching pages. 

This workflow is well suited to services that require forms to be completed and reviewed before being able to book an appointment.

Automatic Session Count Warnings

In the PncAdmin > Visit Type editor, the Auto Session Count checkbox now expands with new options, making it very easy to specify a maximum number of sessions and customizable warnings or a hard stop.

CCMH SDS Questionnaire

This release includes the Standardized Data Set (SDS) instrument developed by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health (CCMH). The SDS is a set of standardized data materials used by CCMH-affiliated counseling centers during routine clinical practice. At this time, PNC does not support aggregate SDS data file uploads to CCMH. If future data file upload enhancements are implemented, sites will be required to complete CCMH’s Institutional Review Board processes.

Read more about the SDS and how to make it available in PncHelp.

And more...

Each new release includes dozens of new features and bug fixes. Here are a few more topics highlighted in PncHelp:

  • Form Review

  • Electronic Consent Forms in Scanned Documents

  • Facility Editor Refresh

  • "Kept Appointments" Actionable Report

  • Phone Visits Flag Relocation

  • Send Preliminary Results to Providers

  • Requiring Mobile Phone Now Requires Mobile Carrier

  • PncRegistration Non-Unique Identifier Warnings

  • Preferred Name in PncRegistration Banner

  • Cross Reference Map Available in Template Editor

  • Increased Demographic Field Lengths

  • Improvement to Disclosures Patient Lookup

To Schedule Your Update...

Read the full release notes in PncHelp, and contact PNC to schedule your update to the latest version today.


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