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September 2023 Updates - Fillable PDF Forms, Keyboard Shortcuts, Optical Rx, and more

The September 2023 general release (12.11 2023.09) is now available to all customers. This month's software update is packed with new features from popular customer requests and dozens of bug fixes.

Fillable PDF Forms in PncChart

In PncChart > Patient > Scanned Documents you can now load a fillable PDF to be completed by a provider and save it as a flattened PDF. Choose a local file or from a repository of forms you maintain in PncAdmin > PDF Forms.

PDF Forms support basic merge tags to automatically add patient/client, provider, and clinic information. PNC is not able to create or edit PDF forms on your behalf. Log into PncHelp to learn more about the PDF Forms feature.

Keyboard Shortcut Support

In this release we have started to add support for some keyboard shortcuts. The initial release of this feature includes many popular requests from clients, including:

F9: Clear patient

L: Lock screen

C: Compose new IM

For the full list of shortcuts, use Shift + ? to see a popup with the currently supported options.

Eye Care Module

The Optical Rx (also known as Eye Care) module is now available in PncChart. The module is licensed per user and includes specialized prescription built-ins for spectacles and contact lenses.

Log into PncHelp to learn more about the Eye Care Module.

And more...

Each new release includes dozens of new features and bug fixes. Here are a few more topics highlighted in PncHelp:

  • Portal Medical Records - All Documents

  • Support for Duo Universal Prompt

  • New Criteria in Population Editor

  • ICD Now Optional in Diagnosis Editor

  • License Key Enforcement for Handouts

  • Group IM Reply and Provider Groups

  • Header/Footer Removed From Portal Letters

  • Late Cancellation Charge In Portal

  • Central Printing Services

To Schedule Your Update...

Read the full release notes in PncHelp, and contact PNC to schedule your update to the latest version today.


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